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Council remains committed to district vision as new civic year starts


Council remains committed to district vision as new civic year starts

Ebley Mill council offices

Collaborative working for the good of everyone in the district will continue, following the election of councillors to key roles at Stroud District Council.


Leadership posts were confirmed at the Council’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 23, following elections for all 51 seats on the Council.



Catherine Braun, SDC Leader  

The administration of the council will continue to deliver the priorities and objectives of the Council Plan, with a focus on housing, climate and nature, community, and regeneration said re-elected Council Leader, Catherine Braun.


Following the May 2 election there are 22 Green group members, 20 Labour group councillors, 7 Conservatives, and 2 Liberal Democrats. The Greens will lead a minority administration.

“We want to build consensus across the council, and work collaboratively to build on, progress, and refresh the Council Plan,” said Councillor Braun after the meeting. “The many communities of Stroud district are wonderful places to live and work and we will do our best to champion the local area and improve council services for our residents and businesses.”


Last night, councillors were allocated to committees, and chairs and vice-chairs voted in. These roles include:

  Kate Kay, SDC Chair
  • Chair of Council: Kate Kay. Vice Chair of Council: Matthew Sargeant.
  • Leader, and Chair of Strategy and Resources Committee: Catherine Braun.
  • Deputy Leader and Vice Chair of Strategy and Resources Committee: Pete Kennedy.
  • Community Services and Licensing Committee: Chair - Beki Aldam, Vice-Chair Marisa Godfrey.
  • Environment Committee: Chair - Chloe Turner, Vice-Chair Martin Brown.
  • Housing Committee: Chair: Gary Luff, Vice-Chair Lucas Schoemaker.
  • Development Control Committee: Chair - Martin Baxendale, Vice-Chair - Helen Fenton.
  • Audit and Standards Committee: Chair - Bob Hughes, Vice-Chair Martin Pearcy.

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