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Become a Tenant Rep and help shape the council's housing service


Become a Tenant Rep and help shape the council's housing service

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Stroud District Council is looking for two tenant representatives for council tenants.

Tenants’ voices are crucial to ensure the housing services we provide are equitable, deliver on tenants’ priorities, and offer value for money.

The voluntary role consists of speaking up on behalf of tenants at five SDC Housing Committee meetings per year at the council offices in Ebley Mill. The representatives will have the opportunity to influence committee decisions as well as help to have a positive impact for tenant communities.

The representatives will be able to get tenants’ top priorities in focus as well as being able to scrutinise performance and policy. In the process, the representatives can expect to gain new skills, knowledge and expertise, and become a valued member of an award-winning team.

SDC Strategic Head of Housing Andy Kefford said: “We welcome interest and applications from all Stroud District Council tenants across the district. Tenant Representatives can have such a positive influence and they can also they can also provide a voice for those who otherwise might not be confident to speak up . These two voluntary roles will require people who can listen to the views of others and report back their findings to Committee meetings in a clear, concise and calm manner. They will have a great opportunity to shape the future of council housing across the district and help build a better tenant-led future.”

Former tenant representative Mike Richter helped to investigate the feasibility of projects to upgrade the energy efficiency of SDC’s homes and help to reduce carbon emissions. 

“The best thing about being a tenant representative on the Housing committee was that l could give input from a tenant point of view before the decisions were made,” said Mike.

“This let me ask questions of the officers and I was on some of the scrutiny panels. I really recommend tenants become reps, I think it is the best way to provide tenant feedback.”

Representatives will work alongside councillors considering and debating issues, ensuring that tenants’ views are heard. Full training and support will be provided for the chosen candidates and the role can be worked flexibly. There will be reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for things like travel to meetings and other events, childcare and carers allowance. Taxis can also be provided for travel.

The Council Plan aims to strengthen local communities by developing a culture of community engagement to enable greater involvement of residents, council tenants, communities and business in decisions on council services.  

If you or anyone that you might know of is interested in the for SDC, then please fill in the Expression of Interest form:  

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