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Search and comment on planning applications

You can get information on planning applications from 2005, see how your current application is progressing, make a comment on a current application or view decision notices using the search below.

Search planning  applications

Historic searches

You can also search historic decisions from 1948 - 2004/2005 using the search below.

Historic decision notice search

Further information and help

Public Access allows visitors to our website to view, track and comment on planning applications online.  Building control and planning appeal cases can also be viewed.

When we receive a valid application the information is recorded into our planning system and all associated plans and documents are scanned against the application. 

This information is then made publicly available on Public Access whilst the application is being determined.

Once a decision has been made documents, which do not form part of the planning register will no longer be available to view on line. 

Please note: If a Decision Notice refers to a specific document or report, which is not viewable on Public Access please notify of the Planning reference Number and the Title of the Report/Document. We will then endeavour to make the document viewable. 

All applications post 2005 have reference numbers which comes in the same format

i.e.  S.16/4321/FUL

S.16 shows the application was submitted in 2016.

The middle number, for example, 4321 is the specific number (which is unique within the year).

The FUL is the application type (for example, FUL is for a full application, HHOLD is for household application, LBC is for listed building consent).

Simple search

If you have the reference number or the address you can use the simple search.

Advanced search

If you don’t know the reference number you can use the advanced search.

There are several search criteria which can help refine the search if you don’t know the exact address.


  • Make sure you change the dates to when you are interested in.
  • Try searching by Parish or Ward if the full address isn’t known
  • Applications for new dwellings/buildings often don’t have postcodes

Whilst an application is being determined all documentation relating to the application including public comments will be available to view online.

Once an application has been determined only documentation forming part of the planning register will be viewable online.

Documents which make up the Planning Register are the:

  • Application Form
  • Approved Drawings
  • Design and Access Statement (if submitted)
  • Decision Notice
  • Legal Agreement (if applicable)

and any Supporting Document which is specifically referred to in the Decision Notice

The Council welcomes your comments and will give them careful consideration.

How to comment on a planning application

  • Search for the relevant planning application and submit your comments by clicking on the 'comments' button and then 'Make a Comment' on the application. 

Making a comment

  • Your full name and address should be included as part of the submission. Please note without this we are not able to take your comment into consideration or publish it. We would also not be able to consult you on any amendments to the plans and would be unable to inform you of any appeal should the application be refused.
  • Only material planning considerations raised can be considered as part of application process. It is not our policy to acknowledge or enter into correspondence on comments made relating to planning applications. Questions asked within comments will be considered as rhetorical
  • if the site address and application number you are commenting on are not made clear (preferably using the SDC reference number) they may not be assigned to the planning file
  • Personal details submitted as part of any third party representations, excluding representative groups, will be partially redacted from This will normally include the removal of personal phone numbers, signatures and email address. Please note if these details are included within the main body of your text they may not be removed
  • Comments may be released as part of an Freedom of Information request if it is perceived to be in the public interest
  • Any comments submitted should not contain inflammatory or libelous comments – only relevant planning considerations. We will remove any inflammatory or libelous comments from the website which are brought to our attention. Please note this may result in the entirety of your comment being removed from the website

The historic search function goes back to 1948. Older planning applications were recorded on large maps with sites outlined in red, these then have numbers written on them, these are known as site numbers. This recording system resulted in some site numbers covering potentially large estates (with several revisions) and any following applications on specific houses. Therefore some site numbers cover more than one property, and some properties have more than one site number.

Decision register address search

Use part of the address of the property (or an address nearby where the site doesn’t have an address) to search. Then select the property you are interested in – if the site doesn’t come up click a close by one (you can adjust the map later).
You should now have an old map in front of you with red outlines on it (if the page is yellow use one of the inset maps). Write down the relevant numbers.


  • You may need to scroll out to see the wider site area (possible at the bottom of the map)
  • There may be more than one reference number which is relevant
  • There may be an outline around your house then a larger one around the estate, both could be relevant
  • If the property was built prior to 1948 there may be no planning history

Decision register site reference number

Decision notices can be viewed online (plans would need to be viewed in the council offices or requested by email).

For most applications enter the site number in the ‘search reference number’ box. These will direct you to a pdf document. This document contains a range of decision notices sorted by site reference number (not only the ones relevant to your search). Scroll down the page looking in the top right hand corner for the site number relevant to the site. It is possible to use a find function (Ctrl + f) to assist, however due to the age of some of the notices a manual search is also advised.

There are a few application types that were historically recorded differently. These include Listed Building Applications (annotated on the maps by LBC), Conservation Area Consent applications (annotated on the maps by CAC) and Advertisement Consent applications (annotated in green on the maps).


Although this information is public record, it is not permitted for users to download more than is necessary to carry out their legitimate business.

The taking and printing of copies is only permitted for:

  • Solicitors and conveyancers where it is necessary for a property transaction.
  • Householders to take copies for their personal use.
  • Individuals and companies for the purpose of research.

The taking and printing of copies is not permitted for:

  • Any third party re-use, distribution, repackaging or selling the data, in any form, without the written permission of Stroud District Council. All information on this site will remain the property of Stroud District Council regardless of the format in which it is held.